About Me


Kevin Murray
I was born (in 1950) and raised in Sydney, Australia, spending most of my life on the beautiful Northern Beaches. I have travelled extensively but always long to return home.

I was raised and schooled as a Catholic but "lost my religion" in my late teens, pursuing the wonders of Science instead. I studied Science at UNSW, specialising in the Biological Sciences.

I taught Science in all its forms in High Schools, then in TAFE.
At the end of my long TAFE career I ended up as an Education Planning Manager before succumbing to just one too many restructures, retiring in 2004.

I have kept myself busy in retirement doing everything from recording oral histories to giving science talks (and travel talks together with my wife, Glenys). And, oh yes, I also wrote a book.

For a more in-depth dive into my life I featured in the July 2020 edition of our local journal, Pittwater Online News as both the Profile of the Week and the Artist of the Month. You can view the text of that Profile article here.

Contact Details:

Name: Kevin B Murray
Phone: 02 9997 6078 / 0413 306 146
Address: Warriewood, NSW