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Over the years I have given presentations to various audiences, mainly U3A and Probus groups. For many of these presentations I have placed the images and text online, creating a separate document (in PDF format) for each talk. Each can be Viewed or Downloaded  completely free of charge just by clicking on the relevant icon below:

1. The Evolution of Our Universe - from the Big Bang to the present, including the appearance of life on Earth.   VIEW   DOWNLOAD
2. The Theory of Biological Evolution - presenting the wealth of evidence that supports the theory.    
3. Human Evolution - as determined by the latest fossil and genetic evidence.    
4. The DNA Revolution - the latest revolutionary advances in DNA research and gene editing, and the many ethical issues that result from them.    
5. Living in the Anthropocene - the ways in which humans have impacted the planet... an impact so profound that it warrants being labelled as a whole new geological era - the Anthropocene.     
6. Putting Alternative Medicine to the Test - why science uses the Clinical Trial to determine which medicines actually work, and how Alternative Medicine fares when subjected to this test.    
7. A Brief History of Astronomy - how different cultures have sought to measure and explain the movements of the heavens.    
8. Science Myths and Misconceptions - examining a range of commonly held science-based myths, identifying their possible origins and the reasons they persist in spite of contrary scientific evidence.    
9. The History of Time-Keeping Devices -  exploring the long history of attempts to measure the passing of time, from ancient sundials to atomic clocks, explaining how all of these different devices work.    
10. The James Webb Space Telescope -  The design, deployment and operation of Hubble's successor, the JWST, and the science behind its fabulous early images.    
11. The Science of Religion -  Examining theories and evidence, from evolution and the cognitive sciences, that seek to explain the experience of religious belief as a purely naturalistic phenomenon, originating entirely in the human brain.