Science Presentations


Over the years I have given presentations to various audiences, mainly U3A and Probus groups. For many of these presentations I have placed the images and text online, creating a separate document (in PDF format) for each talk. Each can be Viewed (V) or Downloaded (D) COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE just by clicking on the relevant link below:

1. The Evolution of Our Universe (V) (D) - from the Big Bang to the present, including the appearance of Life on Earth.

2. The Theory of Biological Evolution
(V) (D) - presenting the wealth of evidence that supports the theory.

3. Human Evolution
(V) (D), as determined by the latest fossil and genetic evidence.

4. The DNA Revolution
(V) (D) - the latest revolutionary advances in DNA research and gene editing, and the many ethical issues that result from them.

5. Living in the Anthropocene
(V) (D) - the ways in which humans have impacted the planet... an impact so profound that it warrants being labelled as a whole new geological era - the Anthropocene.

6. Putting Alternative Medicine to the Test
(V) (D) - why science uses the Clinical Trial to determine which medicines actually work, and how Alternative Medicine fares when subjected to this test.

7. A Brief History of Astronomy
(V) (D) - how different cultures have sought to measure and explain the movements of the heavens.

8. Science Myths and Misconceptions
(V) (D) - Examining a range of commonly held science-based myths, identifying their possible origins and the reasons they persist in spite of contrary scientific evidence.

9. The History of Time-Keeping Devices
(V) (D) -  Exploring the long history of attempts to measure the passing of time, from ancient sundials to atomic clocks, explaining how all of these different devices work.