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can record Plans for up to three layers of management.

So, what is RaPT?

RaPT (Reporting and Planning Tool) is a management planning database system ideal for small to medium enterprises. It greatly simplifies the tasks of recording your organisation's Strategic Plans and capturing staff activities related to these Plans, while providing a variety of easy ways to view and report on these activities against these Plans.


RaPT can be run over a Network, or as a standalone application. All it requires is for Filemaker Pro v7 to be installed on each User's computer (and Filemaker Server v7 if there are more than five simultaneous users).


RaPT is fully customisable to suit your organisation's structure (and terminology). It can handle up to three layers of management. It only requires that the Strategies for each management layer can all be mapped against a common set of Focus Areas.




can be adapted for any localised planning terminology.



can report on staff activities in a variety of ways.


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