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Life Story Models

There are many reasons for wanting to tell your story the QED way. The main one appears to be the desire to capture and preserve some of your precious memories for future generations.

There are many ways of telling your story. Here are just some of the Life Story Models QED uses that you may want to consider...

The "Oral History" model: This is a Question and Answer model where a series of prepared questions is asked and answered. QED employs a number of different templates for these questions, each suitable for different circumstances.

The "What's that picture about?" model: This is an interview structured around a number of selected photographs (or objects...) where you are asked to tell the story about each photograph - as if you were relating the stories to, say, your grandchild.

The "Tell me all about..." model: This is where a specific topic is chosen (say, your experiences in the War, or when you lived in a particular place, or when you where at school, or whatever) and you recall events and personalities from that era. (See an example).

QED pays careful attention to the process of the interview itself. We are fully aware of the sensitivities and emotions associated with older people reliving stories from their past and we adopt a very flexible approach to the progress of any interview.