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Q E D Life Stories

Relive those childhood memories!

Everyone has a story to tell, but so few of us

have the opportunity to tell it.

Let QED provide you with that opportunity...

Remember how you felt on Graduation Day? QED* is a small Sydney-based company that specialises in the affordable recording, transcribing and presentation of life stories on CD-ROM or on the Web.

These recorded stories can take many forms - from full life histories to specific personal anecdotes. QED has a number of Life Story Models from which you can choose. Reminiscences can be triggered by a selection of standardised questions or by other more personal reminders - such as selected photos, objects, home movies, etc.

The audio is recorded in the comfort of your own home over one or more sessions. It is then converted to a number of MP3 files and transcribed faithfully into a series of HTML documents. Relevant photos are embedded into the same documents, along with a customised audio-player and a comprehensive search engine that will take you straight to the relevant place in the text and audio, no matter how long the interview.

Finally, everything - audio, text, photos, maps, etc - is professionally packaged onto CD-ROM and duplicated as many times as you wish for distribution to family members... an attractive, fully searchable, readable, permanent record of your own stories, in your own words and in your own voice. It can even be placed on a web site.

Have a look at these examples: Dorothy Collins ; Hills Voices Online ; Yamba Historical Society

Why not contact QED now, before those memories fade away?

What better gift can you give future generations?


*QED is an acronym for 'quad erat demonstrandum', a Latin phrase meaning 'which had to be proved'. It is often written at the end of scientific, mathematical or philosophical arguments which aim to demonstrate the truth of some proposition or statement.