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What does it Cost?

Only $570* per hour of recorded interview.


  • Preparation of interview format/questions (See examples)
  • Recording the interview ($200)
  • Editing, converting and segmenting the audio files
  • Transcribing the audio into text ($250)
  • Creating the HTML files with embedded audio and images (See example) ($120)
  • Creating a single CD-ROM.


  • Digitising and embedding images... $10 per image.
  • Extra copies of CD-ROM... $10 per extra disc.
  • Travel costs... $50 per hour (if by car).
  • Placement on Web site. This cost is variable... approx 35Mb of webspace per hour of interview is required.
  • Extra research (eg, for relevant photos/documents from the era and/or region)... approx $50 per hour of research.

FOR EXAMPLE: A typical interview session generates about one hour of usable audio. If we assume an hour of travel time and 10 photographs, the total cost would be $720 to permanently capture these precious memories on CD-ROM.

Of course, every project is different, so the final prices may vary. Your images may already be digitised, for example. Or you may already have audio interviews on cassette tape. Or you may wish to record (and/or transcribe) your own interview. QED can accommodate any such variations. Just contact QED for a personalised quote.

* All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.