Virtual Tours Help

Each panoramic scene in a Virtual Tour contains Hotspots to take you to other web pages.

These other web pages may contain other panoramic scenes, photographs, interviews (with audio), etc.

All of these pages open in the same window/tab, so click (found at the top of the page)
or use your Browser's BACK button to return to a scene.

In the panoramic scene pages, the Main Controls are found at the bottom left:

Zooms in / out
Toggles the Autorotation on and off
Toggles the Gyroscope Effect* on and off
Toggles the Hotspots on and off
Opens this Help page
Opens the Main Plan for the Tour
Hides / Shows the Controls

* The Gyroscope Effect only works with mobile devices, like the iPad, which contain gyroscopes.

When you have finished a Virtual Tour, just close (x) its Window/Tab.