Virtual Tours Help

Each panoramic scene in a Virtual Tour contains Hotspots.

Red Hotspots take you to web pages or other panoramic scenes:
Web pages open in the same window, so click the Go Back button
to return to the scene.

Green Hotspots play audio:
Clicking once will Play or Pause the audio. Double-clicking will Stop the audio.

In the panoramic scene pages, the Main Controls are found at the bottom left:

Zooms in / out
Toggles Autorotation on and off
Toggles the Gyroscope Effect* on and off
Hides / Shows Hotspots
Opens this Help page
Opens the Main Plan for the Tour
Hides / Shows the Controls

* The Gyroscope Effect only works with some mobile devices which contain gyroscopes.

When you have finished a Virtual Tour, just close (x) its Window/Tab.